In this page, I'm going to talk about my main experiences as a Software Developer and a Network Consultant. I like programming, mainly C/C++, and I'm quite expert at dealing with the Qt/C++ toolkit. I've also had some experiences as a Network Consultant, mainly using open source software.
Here is a list of the most valuable ones:


In 2008, I initiated the rekonq project, developing a web browser based on WebKit and well integrated with the KDE workspace.

Blue Systems

In 2012-2013, I worked as a Software Consultant for BlueSystems, that supported me financially (thanks!!!) to develop the rekonq web browser. BlueSystems is a growing company in the Open Source Software World, especially involved in KDE projects.

Network admin

Since September 2012, I'm the network administrator in my school. It's a big network to manage, extended in 2 different buildings, with more than 1000 users, completely covered with wifi and with hundreds of workstations here and there.
Truly fun! (for those who like this...)