My thoughts

Welcome, NextCloud!

(Stuck on March, 2nd. 2018)

And... Goodbye Dropbox!
My files are saved (from now on) on a new shining NextCloud installation!
Privacy comes First, to me! And it's not finished yet...

And you? Think about it...

adjam site 4.0

(Stuck on July, 3rd. 2017)

We are finally here!
New virtual machine, new server.. and new site!
The fourth in my network life :D
This is just the new face, but... something is going to be implemented under the hood...

Stay tuned ;)

Closing rekonq development

(Stuck on July, 3rd. 2017)

I'm sorry to write here I officially put an end to my contribution in rekonq development.
Because of life, work and blah blah blah...
I just cannot let it shine... so I must give up :(

If you browsed the web at least once with it, you probably shared my dream.
Thank you